Months and Days Crossword – Difficult



Here’s a crossword to practice the months and the days in English. This crossword puzzle is a little tricky and students will need to know before and after to complete the crossword successfully. Students have to read the clues carefully and must make sure they do not get days and months confused. Print the crossword by right clicking on the image above or download the pdf file here – Month and Day Crossword.

Word Jumble – Parts of the Body

Word Jumble - Body

Word Jumble Puzzle - Body

Unscramble the words to make parts of the body! This word jumble puzzle will help young learners of English practice the words for the parts of the body. This puzzle is available for printing here – Word Jumble Puzzle – Body

This is an ideal ESL kids activity and more word jumble puzzles on a variety of subjects are available for free here – ESL word jumble puzzles. More puzzles and worksheets to practice the words for parts of the body in English are available here – More Parts of the Body Resources.

Christmas Sudoku for Kids


Christmas sudoku puzzle for kids

Here’s a fun Christmas sudoku puzzle for kids! Fill in each of the blank squares with an image of Father Christmas, star, present or snowman.  Each row and column should feature only one of each image.  There are 6 Christmas sudoku puzzles on this page – the first is easy and they progressively get more difficult! Print the puzzle here – Christmas Sudoku

He aquí un divertido rompecabezas sudoku Navidad para los niños! Rellene cada una de las casillas en blanco con la imagen de Papá Noel, estrellas, regalo o muñeco de nieve. Cada fila y columna deben disponen sólo uno de cada imagen. Hay 6 Navidad rompecabezas sudoku en esta página – la primera es fácil y que cada vez se ponen más difíciles! Imprimir el archivo pdf aquí – Christmas Sudoku